Butterflies IV – overprinted stamp issued by Liechtenstein

In June 2011 the Liechtenstein issue "Butterflies III" designed by Stefan Erne appeared in the self-adhesive form. That issue depicted two particularly beautiful harbingers of spring, the Orange Tip and Peacock butterflies, the "Orange Tip" (Anthocharis cardamines) being assigned the value CHF 5.00 and so becoming the new postage for registered letters. But almost a year later, on 1st April 2012, Schweizer Post was to effect a tariff change which resulted in the rate for registered letters in Switzerland and Liechtenstein being raised by one franc. To make it possible to meet the rising demand for self-adhesive stamps with the new face value CHF 6.00 without having to issue a new stamp specially for the purpose and so more or less dooming to extinction a stamp which had only just appeared, Philately Liechtenstein decided to apply the "overprinting" method again after many years. Formerly common practice, this procedure whereby the original value is mechanically overprinted with the new value on the existing stamp, was employed again on a large scale for the first time. This means that from 3rd September 2012 the "old" Orange Tip stamp (face value CHF 5.00) is no longer obtainable. Stamps already dispensed remain valid for postal use. The overprinted stamps number 200,000.

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