The first stamps of 2013 feature outhouses and Finnish oddities

The stamps to be issued in the first half of 2013 look at Finnish culture from many perspectives. The stamps feature a national park, Moomins, flowers, outhouses, and crazy Finnish contests from wife carrying to anthill sitting. Thirteen stamp releases will be issued in Finland in January-May 2013, containing 39 different stamps.

The year 2013 opens with three releases on January 21st.

Sweets are an essential part of St. Valentine's Day all over the world. Designer Sini Henttonen's St. Valentine's Day stamps feature playful landscapes composed of sweets. The Sweet St. Valentine's Day booklet contains six 1st class stamps and four stickers for brightening up letters and cards with. "The oval form and bright colors emphasize the candy-like, playful nature of the stamps," explains Ms. Henttonen, who will receive her MFA from the Finnish Aalto University in the spring.

The Sledging 1st class stamp is perfect for winter greetings. It will be issued as a foldable sheet of ten stamps. The designer, Georgi Eremenko, wanted to illustrate the joys and light of winter. "I found inspiration from watching colorfully dressed people sledging in Kaivopuisto Park in Helsinki on a sunny January weekend," Mr. Eremenko comments.

The stylish Orchid stamp, designed by Susanna Rumpu and Ari Lakaniemi, will also come out in January. The stamp is particularly suitable for purposes such as condolence cards. The value, EUR 1.10, is equivalent to first-class postage for a letter weighing less than 100g. The foldable self-adhesive sheet of ten stamps fits neatly into the wallet.

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