New stamps by POST Greenland

On 22 October POST Greenland issued eight new stamps and the year pack. The stamp themes are varied and reflect both the historic and present as well as cultural themes in Greenland.

The long awaited reprint of the new definitive series with Queen Margrethe's portrait can finally be issued. It is Norwegian Martin Morck, who has drawn and engraved the beautiful portrait of the monarch.

The very same famed Norwegian has also drawn and engraved three new, beautiful designs in the series about Greenlandic aviation. Finally he has drawn and engraved the portrait of Hans Hendrik, also known as Suersaq, who in the 1800's participated in no less than five famous and dangerous expeditions in Greenland.

Maria Paninguak' Kjaerulff has drawn this year's two beautiful Christmas stamps, where she reproduces her Inuit girls in true Greenlandic Christmas mood.

The year pack is a colorful collection of one specimen of each of the 24 new stamps, which are issued during the year. For collectors of Greenlandic stamps this is a popular and sought after collector's item.

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