Ascension Island – 70th Anniversary of Wideawake Airfield

To commemorate the 70th Anniversary of Wideawake Airfield the Ascension Island Post Office is releasing a souvenir sheet featuring two classic aircraft, one from the 1940's and one from the new millennium. Before work started on the airfield this area was home to Booby and Sooty (Wideawake) Tern colonies, hence the hill on the right side being called Booby Hill and the airfield called Wideawake. These birds would clearly like the area back and are also featured on the souvenir sheet against a background of the airfield from the 1940's inspired by a painting by Peter Hurd, the great American war correspondent and artist.

Different versions of the two aircraft stamps produced by a different printer will appear in the new Ascension Island Definitive due for release in early 2013.

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