Nordic Contemporary Art stamps from Faroe Islands

The idea for the two Faroese stamps comes from Niels Halm, director of the Nordic House in Torshavn, and gives the Faroese Posta Stamps an opportunity to play a part in the exciting world of contemporary Nordic art.

The 13 kr. stamp is entitled "Mr. Walker on the Faroe Island", and was created by the Swedish artist, Jan Hafstrom (b. 1937). The motif is a man turned half away from the viewer, disguised with a hat and a pair of dark sunglasses. The mystical man is "Mr. Walker", Jan Hafstrom's alter ego, who also shares a resemblance to his father, a travelling salesman who was often absent in his childhood. Hafstrom mostly saw his father from behind, as he ventured out into the world. In the summer of 2011, this "Walker" made it to the Faroe Islands during the "Cosmic Sleepwalker" exhibition at the Nordic House.

The motif by Edward Fuglo (Faroese imaginative, surrealistic artist) for the 21 kr. stamp is a bird egg - a recurring motif in his artistic work, which includes a range of media and sometimes also comes to expression in three dimensions. It is a giant bird egg that can be seen partly as a national symbol of bird hunting, which is so prevalent in the Faroe Islands, and partly as a symbol of fertility, nature and hope for the future. The large egg is carried by a monk in a cowl, who leads a procession of three other monks in cowls. Two of the monks are holding a burning torch so close to the egg that it has become red hot - perhaps to speed up the hatching? The lastmonk is holding a long stick in his hand. The monks' faces are completely covered and they seem mysterious and somehow uncanny.

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