Year of Piotr Skarga stamp by Polish Post

The Polish Post has issued a stamp to commemorate Piotr Skarga. The Polish Parliament has nominated 2012 as the Year of Father Piotr Skarga wishing to highlight the important role that Skarga had in Polish history.

2012 celebrates the 400th anniversary of Father Skarga's death (1536-1612). As a Jesuit and theologian, he was the preacher of King Sigismund III Vasa, the rector of the Jesuit College in Vilnius, and first rector of Vilnius University. Father Skarga authored several books on religious themes, the best known of which is his Lives of the Saints. He also wrote a number of political treatises: in these he advocated the strengthening of royal power and the limitation of the role of parliament. He founded a number of Jesuit colleges, including those in Polotsk, Riga and Tartu.

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