Traditional Clothes of Papua New Guinea stamps

In the quest to continually preserve the tradition to learn more about the ancestors, Post PNG through the Philatelic Bureau, continues to assist by featuring some of the many Traditional Clothes of Papua New Guinea on stamps.

Papua New Guinea is known as the last frontier and is still being discovered. Despite the intrusion of the modern age, its people still practice the ways of their forefathers, in terms of active participation in their tradition and culture.

The stamps feature:

K1.20 - A man from Telefomin in Sandaun Province wearing a Traditional penis gourd.

K1.20 - A lady from Pomio in East New Britain wearing a traditional grass skirt.

K6.00 - Papuan ladies from Central province wearing their traditional grass skirts.

K8.00 - A Duna woman and her child wearing their tradional cloths.

K10.00 - Two Popondetta Widows wearing Traditional Tapa cloth (made of tree bark) during a mourning over a dead relative.

K1.20 - Mendi bride dressed in tree bark fibers and painted black before getting married.

K1.20 - Tari lady wearing grass skirt and tree bark over her back as a protection from sun and rain.

K6.00 - A typical Trobriand family. The lady wears grass skirt while the man wears a pandanus pants.

K8.00 - Mukawa ladies from Milne Bay Province wearing grass skirts made from pandanus leaves and banana leaves.

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