Colorful Kids’ World stamp from Germany

Since reunification, the World Children's Day is celebrated in Germany on 20 September. The World Children's Day calls everyone's attention to children's rights. On this occasion, the series of stamps "For us children" with child-friendly designs are issued by German post annually since 1993.

This year, the theme of the series is "Colorful Kids' World". It draws a special attention to the children's imagination. With help of imagination children are building blocks for their future life with flexibility, creativity, spontaneity and constructive fantasy. Therefore, sometimes the bed transforms into the ship floating in seas, a toast, a phone and bread crumbs to a zoo forest. As with the four-year Lars and his six year old sister Lilly, stamp's authors who transformed at dinner the crumbs on their plates to flourishing daisies in a meadow and different animals such as lion, duck, chicken and fish.

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