Serbia – London 2012 Olympic Games

From a modest event at its beginning, the Olympic Games turned into a multi-sport, extraordinary and a mega event that, aside its unparalleled influence on athletes and sport, has had an unambiguous impact on cultural, technological, financial, urban and development of civilization in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

Olympic Games are an event to participate in, an event to be seen, and an event with a multiple social and economic influence, for the organizers as well as those that prepare to participate in it. Benefits from the London Games will be reaped by the societal development in Great Britain, but also by the systems of sport and the Olympic movement of Serbia.

By participating in the Games in London, NOC Serbia celebrates 100 years since the first participation in the Olympic Games, 102 years since the foundation of the Committee, wishing that Serbia wins its 100th Olympic medal.

Serbia will be represented by more than 110 athletes competing in 15 sports in London, 4 teams in 3 team sports and over 60 athletes in 12 individual sports. Apart from the athletes, NOC Serbia's delegation will include more than 70 sport experts.

A large number of referees and delegates in sports will take part compete in these Games, also in sports in which Serbian athletes will not be taking part in, so that Serbia will, in fact, participate in total of 18 out of 28 sports of the Games of the 30th Olympiad.

Artistic realization of the stamps: Jaksa Vlahovic, academic graphic artist.

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