Gaubodenfest stamp from Germany

The German Post has issued a stamp commemorating the 200th anniversary of Gaubodenfest festival in Straubing.

On 12 of October 1812, thousands of people from all over the town of Straubing in Lower Bavaria participated for the first time in the "agricultural festival." The aim was to improve the backward agriculture in Bavaria and the stimulate peasants to produce more products by awarding their livestock.

During the 19th century the agricultural festivals took place in all the Bavarian administrative districts, getting more and more carnival-like traits. Represented only by the horse racing in the beginning, it was supplemented by shooting competitions, parades, fireworks, lottery, wine and beer sampling, food stalls, shows and rides.

The Straubing agricultural festival became the second largest agricultural festival in Bavaria, which attracts over 1.2 million visitors annually. It is enjoyable thanks to its cozy atmosphere and the nicest people around.

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