Guernsey Post Celebrates The Tiger Moth

This latest Alderney stamp issue celebrates the Tiger Moth. Beautifully illustrated by renowned international artist Petula Stone, the stamps feature six of the 10 species of Tiger Moth which can be found on Alderney and complement previous stamp issues depicting Alderney's wide range of insects.

"Tiger Moths include some of the most brilliantly coloured insects to be found in the British Isles," said David Wedd of the Alderney Wildlife Trust. "They belong to a large and diverse family of moths called Arctiidae with some 11,000 species found all over the world."

"Most Tigers fly by night, which is why they are seen less frequently than their striking appearance would suggest. Four of those depicted on the stamps - the Garden, Cream-spot, Jersey Tiger and the Cinnabar - are unpleasant to eat, their aposematic colours acting as an effective warning to predators."

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