World Blood Donor Day stamp by Uruguay

The new stamp issued by Correo Uruguayo is dedicated to the World Blood Donor Day 2012 officially celebrated in Seoul. "Every blood donor is a hero" is the theme chosen by the WHO for the 2012 edition in Seoul.

The objectives pursued by the organization are: to convince those who do not donate and strengthen self-esteem of people who donate blood, encouraging them to do so regularly, build a new world that welcomes and supports values such as responsibility, solidarity, awareness, knowledge, information and participation.

Most of the world's population is in an urgent need for safe blood. 92 million bags of blood are currently collected. 65% of total blood collection takes place in just a few countries: the United States, China, India, Japan, Germany, Russia, Italy, France, South Korea and England. We need to create the awareness that the donation is part of a consolidated lifestyle and we have to bring back to the attention of the world that man is not alone in his journey on Earth, but rather has a precious companion of this journey in his brothers and sisters who, if necessary, will be able to meet any need, especially if this means "giving life" by donating blood.

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