Fascinating Tourism Destinations – stamps by South Korea

The second stamp issue of Fascinating Tourist Destinations in Korea introduces Gungnamji Pond in Buyeo, the Sheep Ranch in Daegwallyeong, Cheonjiyeon Waterfall in Jeju Island and Dinosaur Ridge on Mt. Seoraksan.

Gungnamji Pond in Buyeo: The welcoming wooden bridge unfolds widely over the pond. After the bridge is crossed, a cozy pavilion awaits for the visitors. This pavilion appears to be floating on a small island. Thought to be built during the reign of King Mu of the Baekje Dynasty, Gungnamji Pond came to be called so in accordance with the record in "The Chronicles of the Three States": "a pond was dug to the south of the palace." At the pond surrounded with willow trees, visitors can be immersed in quiet tranquility.

Daegwallyeong Sheep Ranch: The herds of sheep are scattered like the white balls of strings over the extensive green fields at 850~900 m above sea level. The grandeur of the Taebaek Mountain and the green grasslands of Daegwallyeong converge to create a picturesque landscape canvas. Taking a leisure walk on the 1.2km open-air trail, you will feel a deep sense of inner peace.

Cheonjiyeon Waterfall in Jeju Island: A pond created by the sky meeting the earth. Looking like a dented pool, it lies in a thick forest packed with various subtropical and warm temperature zone evergreens and ferns. Overwhelming the onlookers is the waterfall that falls furiously from 22 meters high, with a rugged precipice marked by rocks of fantastic shape.

Dinosaur Ridge on Mt. Seoraksan: Rugged mountain peaks evoke the image of a dinosaur backbone. The dinosaur ridge that leads from Madeungnyeong Ridge to Muneomi Hill is the representative ridge of the Mt. Seoraksan that runs from north to south, splitting the mountain into Oe Seorak (outer Seorak) and Nae Seorak (inner Seorak). The Dinosaur Ridge is a naturally formed observatory. Visitors who climb over the dinosaur's back will be rewarded with a view of both Oe Seorak (outer Seorak) and Nae Seorak (inner Seorak). The grandeur of Mother Nature that visitors encounter during the robust hike will enable a heartfelt experience of deep solemnity.

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