Tourism set of stamps by Italy

The Italian Post has issued five stamps dedicated to Italian tourism. The stamps depict the four Italian locations featuring extremely scenic views:

- Baveno. The stamp features the landscape of this town harmonized with the colors of the mountains surrounding the town and the waters of the Maggiore Lake.

- Montecassino. The stamp depicts an aerial view of the architectural complex of the Abbey of Monte Cassino, a Benedictine monastery founded around 529 by St. Benedict of Norcia.

- Maiori. In the foreground of the stamp one can see a perspective of the town with the architectural ensemble of the Collegiate Church of Santa Maria a Mare and the background shows a view of the Amalfi coast.

- Ustica. The stamp features a glimpse of the island with its picturesque village and harbor.

- Stamp on the Historic Manifesto ENIT reproduces a copy of the Manifesto of the year 1955.

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