Habagat stamp from the Philippines

The Philpost has issued a stamp dedicated to Habagat, Philippine elemental god. He is the Southwest Wind. In order to win the hand of the very lovely Amihan (Northeast Wind), he engaged in a contest of force and speed with the other winds. He defeated the other gods, including his fiercest rival Buhawi (Typhoon). Later, Habagat brought his beloved Amihan to the Himpapawiran, a vast domain in the sky ruled solely by him. This kingdom of his is believed to be a realm of silver and gold. It is also said that through mighty gusts of wind, he would invite and bring those who fear him to the magnificent kingdom in order for the selected ones to worship him there.

Habagat is also the god of rain, and is often identified with the rainy season: frequent heavy rains and storms and a prevailing wind from the west. This is in contrast to the season ruled by Amihan: summer bounty, pleasant temperatures, little or no rainfall, and a prevailing wind from the east.

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