Liechtenstein LIBA 2012 stamp design contest

"Show us what you can do!": so reads the challenge on invitations sent out at the beginning of the year to all Liechtenstein households to enter the open stamp design competition being held as part of the Liechtenstein Stamp Exhibition LIBA 2012. All persons living in Liechtenstein and Liechtenstein nationals living abroad have been invited to design a stamp embodying their own take on the theme "A Liechtenstein legend". Entrants were likewise free to choose their technique: anything from a simple drawing to a photograph, collage or computer graphic was permitted.

On 16th August 2012, the day on which LIBA opens, visitors to the Exhibition will choose the winners in the respective categories "Children" (6-11 years), "Young People" (12-17 years) and "Adults" (18 years upwards). And the highlight: on the very same day the winners' entries will go to the printing works and appear as a commemorative sheetlet with face value CHF 6.00. This event must surely be unique in the history of philately.

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