Oranges of the Tamanu Plateau – stamp from French Polynesia

French Polynesia has issued a stamp dedicated to the Famous Tamanu orange-picking event happening each year in June. It is an opportunity, for many experienced fruit-pickers who are familiar with the site to climb the Tamanu plateau, which is full of oranges, well known for their sweet fragrance, juicy character and sweet taste. After a long walk and intense efforts, the participants reach the Anani refuge (orange in Tahitian). It is called the "Traditional orange fare (house)", a place that can accommodate some 200 orange carriers, who meet there every season. From the refuge, the tracks lead to the most remote orange trees. About 4 to 6 tons of oranges are carried down each year, either in rucksacks, bags or plaited nets attached to bamboo sticks. The contest unfolds during the week and stops in the week-end with a great celebration: party, parades, dancing, singing

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