Guernsey and Canada Commemorate War of 1812

On 15 June Guernsey Post released a se-tenant pair of stamps to commemorate the War of 1812, which is a joint issue with Canada Post.

The bitter War of 1812 was fought with the British, Canadian colonists and Native Nations on one side and the United States on the other. The two leaders depicted on the stamps - Sir Isaac Brock and tribal chief Tecumseh - were instrumental in turning the tide in Canada's favour.

The designer was Canadian Susan Scott who collaborated with prominent Quebec illustrator Suzanne Duranceau. Susan said: "The main concept for the stamp is to show the strong and effective alliance between two men who had a deep respect for each other. This fictional representation suggests The Niagara Peninsula where some of the 1812 battles were fought and where Brock was killed. The European settlement behind Brock reflects the interests he is protecting, while the groups of Indian encampments behind Tecumseh signify the confederacy of Indian tribes, which he strived so hard to realise".

Dawn Gallienne, head of philatelic at Guernsey Post, said: "In conjunction with Canada Post we wanted to commemorate the bicentennial year of the War of 1812 by depicting two men who remain symbols of Canadian patriotism."

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