150 years of German Choral Association stamp

The German Choral Association, with 700,000 active and supporting members in more than 20,000 clubs and choirs is the world's largest organization of music amateur.

Choirs make a full contribution to the development of leisure and create opportunities for encounters from all levels of society and age groups. The members of the GCA are open to foreign fellow citizens and maintain their contacts with independent choral and cultural groups. More than 450 choruses on five continents are members of the GCA - Choirs from Santiago de Chile, Windhoek and Tokyo. The GCA is also engaged in the European and international choral organizations. The German Choral Association collected more young voices than any other organization in Germany: some 100,000 children and young people form the German youth choir singing in the GCA. Men still hold the majority - but children's and youth choirs, mixed choirs and women are redefining the face of the choral landscape.

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