Royal Mail to honor Charles Dickens

Mr Bumble, Mr Pickwick and Mr Micawber - all instantly recognisable creations of Charles Dickens, one of the world's truly great British novelists, a man born into poor circumstances who went on to change the world in which he lived thanks not just to his novels, but his campaigning journalism and philanthropy.

To mark the bicentenary of Dickens' birth Royal Mail is celebrating his life and work of with ten new stamps issued on 19 June.

The stamps feature:

2nd Class - Mr Bumble from Oliver Twist
1st Cass - Mr Pickwick from The Pickwick Papers
77p - The Little Marchioness from The Old Curiosity Shop
87p - Mrs Gamp from Martin Chuzzlewit
£1.28 - Captain Cuttle from Dombey and Son
£1.90 - Mr Micawber from David Copperfield

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