International Children’s Day stamp by Slovakia

Slovenska posta, a.s., supports not only interest of the young people in collecting postage stamps, but also their participation in preparation of art designs of postage stamps in the form of contests.

Even the issue of International Children's Day was chosen from the national competition of students from twenty Secondary Schools of Arts, five more schools with 28 unique designs joined the contest, as well.

Submitted works were assessed by the Stamp Production Committee of SP, a. s., according to various criteria. The emphasis was not put only on the composition, artistic level and creativity, but also on the originality of the concept design and relevance of the motive with the purpose of issuing postage stamp with personalized coupon.

In the category of stamp art design, the winner is Radka Hudokova from Secondary School of Arts of Ladislav Bielik in Levice. Her colorful illustration of the cake with burning candles symbolizes not only the celebrations connected with the International Children's Day, but it is also an appropriate motive for a stamp for greeting cards.

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