Australia Post’s Road to London Stamps Unveiled

Australia Post has released the first of its three Olympic-themed stamp issues - The Road to London.

The Road to London 60 cent stamp features several iconic London landmarks and pays tribute to the hard work and dedication of Australian athletes by featuring the official logo of the Australian Olympic Team.

Stamp designer Jonathon Chong has made the red double-decker bus the focal point of the stamp, which first appeared in London after World War II and has since become synonymous with England's capital.

The distinctive dome of St Paul's Cathedral can be seen on the left of the stamp; a cathedral which is said to embody the spiritual life and heritage of the British. In the centre sits the iconic London Eye, a ferris wheel of enormous proportions. The London Eye is one of the world's largest structures of its kind and is visited by over 3.5 million people each year. Also pictured on the right of the stamp is perhaps London's most identifiable symbol of all, the Clock Tower colloquially referred to as Big Ben.

During the 2012 London Olympic Games, Australia Post will also be releasing the enormously popular Gold Medallist instant stamps. Every Australian athlete and/or team that wins gold in London will have their image from the gold medal podium printed on stamp sheetlets. The sheetlets will be available in participating Australia Post retail outlets around the country within 48 hours of the medal presentation.

In addition to The Road to London stamp issue and Gold Medallist stamps, a set of three sports themed commemorative stamps will be released during August, celebrating a selection of Australia's most popular Olympic sports - swimming, pole vault and rowing.

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