’40th Anniversary of the Okinawa Reversion’ – stamps from Japan

The Japanese Post has issued new postage stamps to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the reversion of Okinawa prefecture to Japan by the U.S. government.

After the end of World War II in 1945, Okinawa was under United States administration for 27 years. During the trusteeship rule the United States Air Force established numerous military bases on the Ryukyu islands. Finally, in 1972, the U.S. government returned the islands to Japanese administration.

The stamps feature:

1-2: Shuri Castle - the residence of the Ryukyu Kingdom until 1879. In December 12, 2000 the ruins of Shuri Castle have been registered as a World heritage Site.

3-4-5-6: Goya (3), mango (4) and orchid (5-6) are grown in this region thanks to the subtropical climate of Okinawa.

7-8: Churaumi Sea Aquarium in Okinawa was opened 14 years ago. Its visitors can see whales, sharks at a short distance and participate at the dolphin shows.

9: Yui rail was opened 15 years ago and connects Naha and Shuri regions in Okinawa.

10: Cross-linked islands. The development of cross-linking islands has been promoted as one of the Remote Islands Development. Now the bridges connect islands of Okinawa stretching over the emerald green see.

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