Underwater Sea Creatures featured by Australia Post in new stamp issue

Australia Post is highlighting Australia's marine biodiversity by depicting underwater creatures in a new stamp issue. The issue comprises three domestic rate (60c) stamps and three international rate stamps (2 x $1.20 and $1.80).

The stamps show the remarkable beauty of various Nudibranchs found around the Australian coastline from south Western Australia to the Great Barrier Reef.

The marine mollusks (Nudibranchs) featured on the stamps are renowned for their flamboyant colour patterns. They have evolved to the point where they no longer need the passive defence of a shell, instead opting for special chemical secreting glands or recycled stinging cells to keep their soft bodies intact.

The Underwater World stamps were designed by Simone Sakinofsky from the Australia Post Design Studio using photographs by Clay Bryce from Western Australia. Simone's stamp designs include Australian Bush Babies and Living Australian (2011).

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