Titanic stamps by Hungary Post

Magyar Posta has issued an exclusive commemorative stamp block in memory of the Titanic and Dr Arpad Lengyel, the ship's doctor on the first vessel to hurry to the aid of the Titanic, the British steamship RMS Carpathia.

The main motif of this unusual philatelic product is the Titanic heading towards the iceberg, while the stamps show parts of the liner. In the top right corner there is a portrait of Dr Lengyel and the outline of RMS Carpathia. The unusual feature of this release is that, in addition to offset printing and embossing, iridescent spot-varnish screenprinting, usually a security device, has been used and the particles scattered across the surface sparkle icily.

The first day cover for the block features a portrait of Dr Arpad Lengyel, while the silhouette of a lifeboat has been used for the special postmark. Forty thousand copies of the stamp block designed by the graphic artist Arnold Feke have been made by the banknote printing company Penzjegynyomda.

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