Cuscus and Possums – new stamps from Papua New Guinea

Post PNG, in its effort to continually promote the native Flora and Fauna of Papua New Guinea, is releasing a stamp set featuring the Cuscus and Possums of Papua New Guinea.

Cuscus, a subspecies of possum, and largest of the worlds possums are marsupial native to Papua New Guinea, Australia and Indonesia. Some of the Papua New Guinea's cuscus are endemic. These nocturnal tree-dwellers have opposable toes and fingers like a monkey which help them to keep hold of slippery branches. It can also use its long, prehensile tail to keep its balance.

Possums are small marsupials with brown or grey fur, ranging in size and weight from the length of a finger or 170 grams (pygmy possums and wrist-winged gliders) to the length of 120 cm or 14.5 kilos (brushtails and ringtails). All possums are nocturnal and omnivorous, hiding in a nest in a hollow tree during the day and coming out during the night to forage for food.

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