Marshall Islands issues new stamps featuring Glorious Clouds

On May 10, 2012, the Marshall Islands Postal Service issues 15 new stamps featuring glorious clouds.

Since the dawn of time, humans have been quietly mesmerized, and oftentimes even mystified, by the ever-changing artwork that graces the palette of our planet's skies: the glorious phenomena collectively known to us as clouds. Essentially just masses of liquid water droplets or frozen crystals that form in the sky, clouds can take on a dazzling array of forms, shapes and sizes as they glide through air or hang practically motionless in the atmosphere.

The stamps in this Republic of the Marshall Islands issue represent 15 of the most common types of clouds: Altocumulus undulatus, Altostratus translucidus, Cirrostratus fibratus, Cumulus congestus, Cumulonimbus congestus, Cumulonimbus incus, Cirrus radiatus, Cirrocumulus undulatus, Cumulonimbus with tornado, Cumulus humilis, Cumulonimbus mammatus, Stratus
opacus, Altocumulus castellanus, Altocumulus stratiformis, Altocumulus lenticularis and Stratocumulus undulatus.

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