The Man at the Wheel – stamp by Aland Post

Raised in 1936 as a memorial to those seafarers who perished at sea, the statue "The man at the wheel" is the oldest outdoor piece of art in Mariehamn. Aland Post now issues an engraved stamp featuring the well-known statue.

Created by Emil Cedercreutz, the statue was cast in plaster in 1913. It was meant to be located in Rauma in Finland, but due to local criticism it was dismantled and left to collect dust for nearly 20 years. Agricultural Advisor Eliel Sundstrom purchased the statue and donated it to the Town of Mariehamn in honour of his father, Johan Edward Sundstrom (1843-1905), who went down with the ship Thomas Perry in the Atlantic Ocean in 1905.

The monument "The man at the wheel" was unveiled in the Western Harbour of Mariehamn on July 31, 1936. First erected in the English Park, the statue was moved in the mid-1950s, because the Midsummer celebrations were considered to dishonour the statue. Today, it stands near the Maritime Museum and, every year, many people visit the statue to pay their respects on All Saints' Day.

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