Europa 2012: Visit stamp by Slovakia

The Pofis Post has issued a stamp dedicated to the Visit theme under the logo of Europa international stamp issue.

The stamp depicts the oldest known motif of the phenomenon "Visit..." in the history of Slovakia. It does not only represent the visit of another country, i.e. travelling, which is rather popular today, but also the visit of a pilgrim's place or a visit of a monument. The postage stamp displays a part of the embossed decoration of a Roman plate, the so-called lanx diskos from the 2nd century BC which was a part of the equipment of a randomly discovered tomb of a Germanic chief in Krakovany during an excavation of clay in the brickworks of Straze from 1933 - 1938. The decoration of silver plate depicted various stories from the beginning of Roman history; especially the events connected with the expulsion of the last Etruscan king in Rome, Tarquinius Superbus, in 509 BC.

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