Ascension Island stamp issue – Reef Fish Part II

The Ascension Island Post Office has released a new stamp issue featuring reef fish. There are at least 10 species of fish that are endemic to Ascension Island. Two of these are damselfish; then there is at least one blenny, the resplendent angelfish, a crab, the Ascension goby, the white hawkfish as well as the marmalade razorfish and seabream. There is a possibility that the Ascension wrasse is at present evolving from the St Helena wrasse.

Most of the endemic fish are small species with bright colouration. The resplendent angelfish is found at a depth of over 30 metres but most of the rest are to be found in shallow waters on the reefs, within 5 metres depth. English Bay and Comfortless Cove are particularly good sites to see them.

There are many other species of fish in Ascension waters, both predators and predated. It is a breeding ground with many young on the reef. Various jacks, including the rainbow runner, almaco and greater amberjack hunt, as well as barracuda and a variety of eels. Some of the common species, such as rock hind, glasseye snapper, soldierfish and the spotted moray eel are fished for human consumption.

Above text by John and Jane Bingeman, authors of Ascension Island: Inshore Sea Life.

The stamps feature:

35p - Trumpetfish Aulostomus strigosus

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