Falkland Islands stamp issue – Marine Life

The Falkland Islands Post Office has released a new stamp issue dedicated to marine life. The design is based on the photos by David Eynon.

David Eynon first came to the Falkland Islands in 1970 as a travelling teacher. He returned to England to take a degree and in 1974 married Carol Watson, who he had met in the Falklands. He worked in the North Sea from 1974 to 1981 diving commercially with Comex Diving out of Aberdeen.

Returning to the Falklands in 1981 with their children, they spent three months on a remote island searching for the wreck 'Conquimbana'. They then got caught up in the war in 1982, and once stability had been restored, set up their company S.A.M.S. at their premises on the Stanley Harbour front known as The Boathouse in January 1985.

His passion for diving in the Falklands resulted in setting up the Wreck Survey Group, and more recently the Marine Exploration and Research Centre (M.E.R.C.). Always enthusiastic about all matters relating to the marine environment, especially beneath the waters of the Falkland Islands he has produced two underwater videos, filmed for the BBC, and has now completed his first book.

The stamps illustrate:

27p - Sea anemone - Bunodactis sp.
50p - Jellyfish - Cyanea capillata
70p - Starfish - Diplodontias singularis
£1.15 - Nudibranch - Flabellina falklandica

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