The Collector Fair in Prague

On September 6-8, 2012 the 15th International Trade Fair "Collector" (Sberatel) will be held in Prague.

Although the Sberatel starts at the beginning of September, so there is enough time, many exhibitors already booked their space. The organizers got application forms from German Post, Slovak Post, Leuchturm, Schaubeck, United Nations Postal Administration and from big dealers like Aix-phila, Kniffka, Holger - Tietz, Wim van der Bijl or Kai Wickert. Many exhibitors booked bigger place, for example Cover Story from UK. And there are also brand new exhibitors like Prague stamp shop Fauna Stamps which is focused on stamps with animal motives.

The organizers announce in advance that part of this year's associated program will be unique exhibition of holy pictures, graphics and postcards with angel's iconography named ANGEL - MESSENGER AND COLLECTOR. Private collection, owned by Mrs. Eva Charvatova-Comperti had already a great success in Italy in the past and now it has a first stop in Prague. Postcards are a strong part of the Sberatel so it is expected a great interest not only from collectors but also dealers because some pieces will be for sale.

The international Collector Fair is the largest gathering of collectors in the CEE region. Since its inception in 1998, "Collector" has sought to establish a collectors' event in Prague that would stand in comparison to established exhibitions in Western Europe. The broad directory of collectibles comprises philately, numismatics, minerals, gemstones, cards, historical postcards, posters, and other fields of collectors' interest. The Collector Fair has international relevance (only every third visitor in 2011 was from Prague), extending into neighbouring countries (most often Germany, Slovakia, Poland, Great Britain and Russia).

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