YEOSU 2012 International Expo stamp from Algeria

Algerie Poste has issued a stamp to commemorate the coming YEOSU 2012 International Expo.

The city of Yeosu in South Korea will host the exhibition between May 12 and August 12, 2012. Its theme is "for the lively coasts and oceans: Diversity of Resources and Sustainable Activities."

The ocean and the coasts provide humanity with food and resources as well as regulate global climate through the circulation of air and heat. The exhibition will aim to bring together policy makers, explorers and entrepreneurs to discuss the devastating effects caused by men (overfishing, pollution of sea water and others) and to think thoroughly about how to preserve the oceans and coastal areas by a new management ethic and a new relationship between humanity and its environment.

Algeria will be among 106 counties confirmed their participation in the exhibition.

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