Science stamps from Serbia

On March 30, 2012 Serbia will release a new stamp issue dedicated to science. The first stamp is dedicated to 75 Years of the Academy of Music in Belgrade; the second stamp commemorates 75 Years of the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade and the third one - 150 Years of the Gymnasium in Pozarevac.

Belgrade Music Academy, the nowadays Faculty of Music Art was founded 75 years ago, by the decree of the Ministry of Education of the prewar Yugoslavia. The guiding thought of the first professors and Faculty's founders was to form artists and pedagogues who will, through their concert and teaching activities, create a specific artistic consciousness and by it transform and ennoble the wider social community. This artistic process of development is being continued even today with great enthusiasm by new generations of students and professors.

The Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade was founded in 1937, and in 1973 was renamed the Faculty of Fine Arts. In seventy five years of its existence, 2.887 students graduated from the Faculty and 1.146 completed post-graduate studies. Since its founding until today, 138 prominent artists from Serbia and wider Balkan region have been teaching at the Faculty.

Pozarevac Grammar School was founded by a decree of Prince Mihailo Obrenovic on September 24th 1862 as Pozarevac Middle School. In the following years it has changed names several times. Since May 22nd 2001 it has been known as Pozarevac Grammar School.

Artistic realization of the stamps: Boban Savic,

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