Sakura stamp issue from Japan

The Japanese Post has issued new stamps commemorating 100th anniversary of cherry blossom trees donation by Japan to the United States. Japan gave 3,020 cherry blossom trees as a gift to the United States in 1912 to celebrate the nations' then-growing friendship. These trees were planted in Sakura Park in Manhattan and line the shore of the Tidal Basin in Washington, D.C. The first two original trees were planted by first lady Helen Taft and Viscountess Chinda on the bank of the Tidal Basin.

The stamps feature:

Washington Monument and Cherry Blossoms;
Jefferson Memorial and cherry blossoms;
Sakura (Ichiyo);
Sakura (cherry);
Sakura (Shirayuki);
Sakura (Kanzan);
Sakura (Gyoikou)

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