Chinese Lunar Calendar stamp issue by UNPA

UNPA has released a Chinese lunar calendar personalized stamp sheet celebrating the "Year of the Dragon". This is the third year that UNPA has issued a Chinese lunar calendar sheet. The sheet is composed of ten US$ 1.05 denominated stamps with the UN logo. The tab of the stamps features a zodiac symbol of a dragon. The background design on the sheet features the dragon illustrated by Mr. Huang Li (China).

The golden flying dragon on the tab is from the image on the decoration tile of Han Dynasty (app. 200 B.C. - 200 A.D.). The pattern under the dragon on the tab is a very traditional design of sea wave. The dragon symbolizes bravery, representing the spirit of China and Chinese people. It is an icon for the happiness and celebration for Chinese New Year. The dragon on the left side is the same as the one on the tab.

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