10 Years of the Euro stamp from Luxembourg

Luxembourg has issued a stamp to commemorate the anniversary of European currency - Euro.

Euro banknotes and coins were put into circulation on 1 January 2002 and have become the legal currency in countries of the euro zone, presently numbering 17.

The European Monetary Institute, the predecessor of the ECB (European Central Bank), launched a graphics contest in February 1996. The proposals submitted were evaluated by a jury of independent experts in marketing, style and art history and were the subject of a market survey. Based on the results, the Council of the Monetary Institute chose the winning proposal in December 1996, a series of graphics based on the theme "Eras and styles in Europe" presented by Robert Kalina, a graphic artist at the Austrian National Bank in Vienna.

Unlike the euro banknotes, which are identical in every country of the euro zone, the coins have a "European" and a "national" side. They bear the symbols of the participating countries and represent the unity of the EU. It was Luc Luycx, of the Monnaie Royale de Belgique, who won the European contest organized to select the graphical elements for the European sides, which also indicate the value of the coin.

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