The 50th Anniversary of Korea-Mexico Diplomatic Relations joint issue

The year 2012 celebrates the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Korea and Mexico. During half a century, the two countries have consolidated solid cooperative relations through active exchanges in various areas such as the economy, culture, education, etc.

To commemorate this meaningful anniversary, Korea Post and its Mexican counterpart are issuing a joint stamp issue featuring the gray whale.

Only two different populations of the gray whale, which are on the brink of extinction across the world, were reported: the West Pacific population that migrates between the Sea of Okhotsk and Korea's East Sea and the East Pacific population that journey between Alaska and Mexico.

The stamps feature a young gray whale and its adult version.

The stamp featuring the young gray whale shows the gray whale's own, inherent skin pattern without any barnacles or whale lice attached to the skin. The stamp featuring the adult gray whale, on the other hand, vividly shows both the adult gray whale's unique characteristic covered with traces of barnacles once attached but now gone, as well as the gray whale's own unique outer appearance of its thick lower jaw.

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