New stamps commemorating legendary German personalities

The German Post has issued three stamps commemorating birthdays of famous German personalities: 225th birthday of Joseph Fraunhofer, 300th birthday of Frederick the Great and 350th birthday of Matthew Poppelmann.

Fraunhofer is regarded as the founder of scientific methodology in the field of Optics and Fine Mechanics, as the first German precision optician and a successful entrepreneur. His development of new types of glass, significant improvements in glass making and perfecting the construction of optical instruments led to impressive results. He produced telescopes, binoculars, microscopes, magnifying glasses and astronomical telescopes of an unparalleled quality.

Frederick the Great was an eminent figure in German history. He combined the character of hero and the spirit of warrior. The 300th Birthday of Frederick the Great, 2012, brought this important figure in German and European history at the center of a variety of events.

Matthew Daniel Poppelmann was the German master builder who helped to rebuild Dresden after the fire of 1685. In his unique style an ecstatic connection between architecture and sculpture is observed. Thanks to his talent Dresden owes the brightest and the most imaginative variation of the rococo style.

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