IPDA’s 10th Anniversary Special Cover

On the 23rd February 2012 the Internet Philatelic Dealers Association will commemorate its 10th Anniversary. For the anniversary it will be issuing a special Anniversary Cover to all members as part of the celebrations and will be holding a 24 hour anniversary chat for all in the philatelic community.

The IPDA was formed in 2002 by a group of stamp dealers who had a vision that the Internet, and web based services including online e-commerce and online auctions, would fundamentally change the philatelic industry. The vision that the Internet would impact dealers and sellers of stamps, as well as collectors, has turned out to be a reality today.

While there are thousands of sellers across the various Internet channels today and while many are professional dealers, there are also many that are casual sellers and many that are simply individuals with a few stamps to sell and often with limited knowledge of the subject material they are selling.

The IPDA is now a group of dealers and part time sellers who believe there is a need for a global organisation to represent them and to endorse them as accredited sellers to the global Internet buying community. The IPDA believes, and has seen proof, that the reach of the Internet will expand the market place.

Membership of the IPDA offers a dealer or part time seller the opportunity to be accredited, and it offers buyers some security that the dealers or sellers they are buying from are accredited. The services provided to members are under constant review. New services are added as and when required.

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