Canada Unveils Dragon Stamps to Mark Chinese New Year

Canada Post issued on Tuesday a pair of dragon stamps to mark the Chinese Lunar New Year, part of celebrations of the upcoming Year of the Dragon.

The newly unveiled dragon stamps are the fourth release in a new 12-year Chinese Lunar New Year series. Staring from 1997, Canada Post releases Spring Festival stamps each year.

The new stamps include one domestic postage stamp and one international postage stamp. On the domestic stamp is a black, powerful imperial five-toe dragon with scales decorated with gold foil.

The international stamp is painted with the head of a roaring fire dragon, also decorated with gold foil vividly.

Both stamps are set in traditional Chinese red, a color representing good luck and happiness in Chinese culture.

The design of the five-toe dragon was inspired by traditional Chinese paper-cutting. Swirls, a graphic element from ancient Chinese designs, are placed at the bottom of the stamp to represent the water element, as the coming year of the dragon is a year of the water dragon.

It took Canadian graphic designer Louis Fishauf nearly two years to complete the creation. As a Western artist, Fishauf has managed to include as many Chinese elements as possible in his creation.

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