Europa 2011 stamp issue from Austria Post

The topic chosen by Posteurop for this year's Europa stamp is the International Year of the Forest, in accordance with Resolution 61/193 of the United Nations. In cooperation with the Federal Forestry company, the Austrian Post Office has come up with something very special: the present stamp block, designed by Michael Rosenfeld, is far more than just a stamp. In the form of a small letter, the block contains a specially selected mixture of seeds from Austrian spruce trees from the Tyrol, the Salzkammergut, the Waldviertel, Styria and Carinthia.

The release date for this extraordinary block of stamps has of course not been chosen by chance, since autumn is after all the best time for sowing. "In a few years," explains the forestry board member Mag. Georg Schoppl, "you will be delighted with the small trees, and remember this stamp in a very special way." The symbolism behind this innovative issue is clear - let us do something to help the growth of our forests, a growth that is so important for all of us. That philately as an ambassador of the country can create the necessary awareness is of course beyond all doubt.

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