Patterned stamps from Sweden

Knitting is traditionally a woman's pastime, a quiet skill that has passed from one generation of a family to the next. Many patterns and styles of hats, scarves, sweaters and gloves can be traced back hundreds of years to specific areas of the country. Talented craftswomen taught others their techniques, and these techniques then influenced the knitting of a community generation after generation. The stamps depict both traditional and modern knitting from different regions in Sweden.

When Else Friis took on the design of the Patterned stamps, it was natural for her to turn to costume design, an area in which she has received international training and worked at different times.

"The motifs are designed as tiny stages where a small piece of history is explained in every picture. These include a winter sock parade, a modern collection of stars and different generations of traditional knitted caps. I created the proofs using a mixture of techniques - photos, computers and hand-drawn sketches in ink," she says.

The Patterned stamps display Else Friis's skills in both costume design and scenography, but also knitting. She has been very involved in knitting at different periods in her life. The first piece of clothing she made was a skirt for her Barbie doll, and her best friend received a sweater with a beautiful design.

Else Friis received her degree from Croydon College of Art & Design in London in 1981. During the same year, she designed the scenography for the play "Kafka's America" at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm.

During the 1980s she was involved in the production of different programs for Sveriges Television, Sweden's public service media.

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