South Georgia – Frank Wild Interment

On 23rd November 2011 the South Georgia Post Office issued a set of eight stamps to commemorate the life of Frank Wild to coincide with the transportation of his ashes to Grytviken where they were interred next to the grave of Sir Ernest Shackleton.

Members of Frank Wild's extended family, as well as the Hon. Alexandra Shackleton, Granddaughter of Sir Ernest, and Angie Butler, who found his ashes in Johannesburg, were present at the ceremony.

John Robert Francis Wild C.B.E. known as Frank, was one of the most outstanding Polar explorers of the 'Heroic Age'. He undertook five Antarctic expeditions under the leadership of Captain Robert Falcon Scott, Sir Ernest Shackleton and Sir Douglas Mawson and was the only man to experience six gruelling winters in Antarctica. Frank Wild is one of only two people to be awarded a four bar Polar medal and each pair of stamps in this issue represent the expeditions for which he was awarded a bar.

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