2011 Year of Spain in Russia and Russia in Spain

The year 2011 has been officially declared as the Year of Spain in Russia and Russia in Spain and philately joins this event by issuing a commemorative stamp.

The idea of the Dual Year 2011 Spain-Russia came at the initiative of the Heads of Government of both countries during the International Conference held in the Russian city of Yaroslavl in September 2009.

The aim of the initiative is to implement an extensive programme of educational, cultural, scientific and economic projects during 2011 in order to give Spanish-Russian relationships a qualitative boost in terms of future perspectives.

The Dual Year has been an important step in the Russian-Spanish relationship and the rapprochement between the two countries. Activities scheduled include forums between universities, ballet and music festivals, the temporary exchange of masterpieces from the Prado Museum (Madrid) and the Hermitage (St. Petersburg), and the establishment of channels of communication in business to improve contacts between the various sectors and facilitate investment and trade.

The stamp is a design by Lucinda Morrissey in which the vertical stripes of both the Spanish and Russian flags entwine: red and white in the first strip, yellow and blue in the second one and red in the final strip with the inscription 2011 Year of Spain in Russia and Russia in Spain.

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