New Year stamp from Korea

The Korean Post has issued a stamp commemorating the Year of the Dragon. The New Year's greetings stamps have been printed with photostorage ink since 2001. This year, the dragon's body and the pearl-white snowflakes in the stamp are also printed using photostorage ink and glow in the dark.

Being a creature of legends, the dragon is described to have an immense body of a snake, the horns of a deer, the ear of a cow, scaly skin, and four legs. Since ancient times, the dragon has been associated to greatness, thus symbolizing royal authority or the throne. In addition, the dragon has been positioned as an auspicious symbol in our everyday life: a dream of forthcoming conception that involves a dragon led to the expectation of the baby growing up to be a great man; farmers worshipped the dragon as the god of water that governs the success of their harvest; fishermen worshipped the dragon as the Dragon King that governs the sea.

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