Christmas stamp by Aland Post

"I frequently recur to nature", says Helene Schmitz, the photographer behind this year's Christmas stamp depicting a hyacinth. She is universally recognized for her close-up pictures of flowers.

The Stamp Committee of Åland Post caught sight of Helene when she had her flower portraits on exhibition at the Åland Museum a few years back. Having decided upon the 2011 Christmas stamp theme, the Committee contacted Helene who accepted the commission. "Typical Christmas colours are not my favourite colours, so I was pleased when I realized that I was asked to shoot a white hyacinth".

The hyacinth was photographed in the autumn of 2010 and the stamp now appears, one year later. A beautiful close-up photo of a white hyacinth illustrates the FDC, and the first day cancel is designed as a hyacinth flower.

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