2011 Round Kiwi

One of New Zealand Post's most enduring stamps, the Round Kiwi stamp was first produced in olive green in 1988. Since then, New Zealand's national bird has appeared in red (1991), blue (1993), purple (in 1997 initially, and re-issued for the new millennium in 1999), gold (2000) and bronze (2002).

In 2011 the Round Kiwi stamp returns in three denominations that reflect New Zealand's current postage rates. The $1.20 stamp has been printed in black - widely regarded as New Zealand's national colour and worn by several of New Zealand's sports teams. The $1.90 stamp has been printed in silver - reflecting New Zealand's iconic silver fern (Cyathea dealbata), and the $2.40 stamp is printed in classic blue - synonymous with the vast amount of water surrounding New Zealand's small island nation.

As well as other subtle design changes, the 2011 Round Kiwi stamps feature the New Zealand Post identifier - the fern.

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