An Post celebrating Christmas 2011

Three stamps and a Christmas stamp booklet have been issued in celebration of Christmas.

The stamp, which appears in the Christmas stamp booklet, depicts Mary travelling on a donkey and holding the baby Jesus, while Joseph walks alongside as they make their way into Egypt.

The design of this stamp is based on a painting The Flight into Egypt by the Flemish artist, Jan de Beer.

This stamp and the first day cover were designed by Steve Simpson.

Two of the stamps not in the booklet, which are on the 'Stamps on a Roll' format, feature decorations that are traditionally hung on a Christmas tree.

One shows colourful baubles, while the other shows Christmas stars. The star symbol has long been associated with Christmas, as the three wise men were inspired by a star that led them to Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus.

The two Stamps on a Roll were designed by Design Factory.

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