2011 Christmas stamps by Hungary Post

In keeping with its traditions Magyar Posta is issuing a set of postage stamps to celebrate Christmas.

In 2011 the festive stamps show two Catholic churches with Nativity scenes that are unique both in Hungarian and world terms.

The Nagykaracsony church is on the left of the HUF 90 stamp, and next to it is a detail of the largest outdoor Nativity scene in Hungary, which is to be found in Nagykaracsony.

The Roman Catholic church in Vors is on the left of the HUF 115 stamp, with a detail of the largest indoor Nativity scene in Europe, which is rebuilt every year, next to it.

Gold-colour foil has been used for the inscription Karacsony (Christmas) and other decorative motifs on the stamps. On the outer edge the wording "THE NAGYKARACSONY CHURCH IS 75 YEARS OLD" is repeated. The churches are depicted on the first day covers for the set of stamps and the motif of the special cancellation is an angel.

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